Tuesday, 25 July 2017 23:35

Barn Destroyed in Blaze

Barn Belvaux Police 600

On Tuesday aternoon, a barn on the rue de France in Belvaux was destroyed by fire.

The alarm was raised at around 15:00; the barn, in which hay and straw were stored, had caught fire from an unknown cause. Agricultural machines, which were also parked in the barn, were destroyed by the fire, and others were severely damaged. No one was hurt.

The fire brigade and detection service of the police were on the scene as well as ambulances from the hospitals in Sanem / Differdange. The fire brigade units brought the fire under control.

Photo by Grand Ducal Police

Tuesday, 25 July 2017 23:25

Milk Spills into River Attert

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On Tuesday, a milk tanker crashed on the N22 between Boewingen / Attert and Bissen.

The accident happened shortly after midday; the milk tanker was carrying a load of circa 9,000 litres of milk when it skidded off the road and into a ditch. The milk spilled and entered a stream which fed the Attert river.

The driver was able to free himself from the vehicle and sustained what were described as minor injuries.

The voluntary fire brigade service from Boewingen / Attert prevented the further leakage of the milk and a specialist vehicle pumped the remaining milk from the truck. The damaged truck could then be recovered. During this, the road had to be closed to traffic.

Mutsch Six MSAN 600

On Monday 24 July 2017, Lydia Mutsch, in her capacity as Minister of Equal Opportunities and Minister of Health, met with the new Belgian ambassador, HE Jean-Louis Six, on a courtesy visit.

In the field of equality between men and women, Lydia Mutsch presented Jean-Louis Six's recent reforms in the area of ​​political decision-making and the reconciliation of work and private life. The Ambassador showed a keen interest in the introduction of legal quotas on voters lists under the current government.

Minister Mutsch and ambassador Six also welcomed the excellent collaboration between Luxembourg and Belgium in the field of health. Co-operation between the hospitals of the two countries, as well as in the area of ​​eHealth and medicines, was noted in particular, as was the success of the cooperation with the Belgian poison centre, which handles calls from Luxembourg residents free-of-charge.

Protection of health data, cybercrime as well as personalised medicine were identified as potential areas for future cooperation.

Photo by MSAN

hotel classification 1071 meco 600

At a ceremony on Tuesday 25 July 2017, Luxembourg's Secretary of State for Economics, Francine Closener, presented the new classification cards to the first 5 hotels that had been accepted after submitting a classification application.

The Ministry of Economy and the National Federation of Hoteliers, Restauranters and Coffee Makers (Horesca) recently proposed a new system of official and voluntary classification of hotel accommodation establishments. The new classification offers a voluntary, modern and reliable system which corresponds to the evolution of the tourist market. The new system allows the customer to improve the transparency of the offer and provide the hotel with a better positioning compared to other establishments.

Developed by the Hotelstars Union, the system of the new classification of hotels in Luxembourg has been in force since April 2017. It is based on a uniform classification of hotels, based on guidelines and 270 criteria common to the 17 participating countries. The very precise criteria give a very detailed overview of the equipment and the offer of the hotel, thus guiding the customer in his choice of hotel establishment.

Currently, a dozen hotel inspections are already scheduled for the coming weeks and a number of establishments have also registered on the site

By the end of the year, the classification for campsites will also be implemented in close collaboration with the Camprilux professional association.

The top 5 hotels in Luxembourg according to the new system are:

- Alvisse Parc Hotel, Luxembourg (4* Superior)

- Hostellerie de la Basilique, Echternach (4*)

- Hotel Martha A Guddesch, Beringen (4*)

- Hotel Stand'Inn, Foetz (3*)

- Hotel Vauban, Luxembourg (3*)

Photo by MECO

Petrus Kok award 600

On Tuesday, the Ambassador of The Netherlands to Luxembourg, Pétrus (Peter) Kok, was awarded the Medal of the French Renaissance by the Printemps des Poètes-Luxembourg, a few days before his departure to Ireland to take up his new post.

Ambassador Kok was honoured for his cultural and social contribution capable of "bringing cultures together and contributing, in a spirit of sharing, to the rapprochement of people and peoples". Bruno Théret, director of the French Renaissance and Honorary President of his Luxembourg delegation, presented the Ambassador with the gold medal of the French Renaissance, the most prestigious award of this association created more than a century ago by the President of the French Republic, Raymond Poincare, and still under the patronage of the Head of State but also several ministers (Interior, Culture, Education and Foreign Affairs) and presided over until very recently by Mrs. Simone Veil.

"We honour an exceptional man who fully embodies the values ​​of the French Renaissance: Culture, Solidarity, Francophonie" said Bruno Théret. "And to mention beyond the mission of the diplomat and the work accomplished on the side of economic and political affairs during his 5 years present in Luxembourg, the Ambassador's unwavering commitment to culture, social action and humanitarian and sustainable development. Philosophy, Law, European Studies, Utrecht, Bologna, Brussels is "a remarkable journey that foreshadows the brilliant European career of the ambassador". And he will have "advanced the ideas of the Fathers of Europe" with talent, with wisdom just as he will have enriched the relations between his country and Luxembourg. But Peter Kok did not stop at the duties of his office, but with all the empathy he knows he knows how to build bridges between communities and people of different backgrounds and cultures, concerned with humanist values ​​and societal advances".

Bruno Théret mentioned "the introduction on the territory of the roses of the bulbs of the legendary Dutch tulips, sold for the benefit of a charitable work", the proverbial reception that all, ministers, friends, artists, received at the ambassadorial residence, the place which the Ambassador has always accorded to culture and things of the mind. Petrus Kok has supported cultural services, welcomed musicians, actors and poets. He participated year after year in the meetings of the Printemps des Poètes-Luxembourg with his adviser Claire van der Entbraat. "Peter transmits these unspeakable, intangible values ​​which value man in his best," emphasised the President, emphasising the more hidden part of an ambassador, a poet, a songwriter and an art lover. The echo of the talents of photographer deserved to go beyond the walls of the residence."

Photo by Claire van der Entbraat: Ambassador Pétrus Kok with his wife Terry, along with Bruno Théret, Honorary President, and Christophe Déage, President of his Luxembourg delegation of the French Renaissance

unemployment graph 20170630 600

At the end of June 2017, the rate of unemplyment in the Grand Duchy stood at 6.0%, with a total of 15,235 job-seekers registered at ADEM, Luxembourg's unemployment agency, representing a decrease of 720 persons, i.e. 4.5%, over the past 12 months.

The 6.0% unemployment rate is unchanged since the end of April, nd is 0.4% below the level of June 2016. This is made up of jobseekers with health problems (-5.7% over one year), low-skilled job-seekers (-8.6%) and long-term job seekers, i.e. those registered for at least 12 months (-7.2%).

The number of people benefitting from employment measures is down from 5,441 in June 2016 to 5,422 in June 2017. June 2017 is the 14th consecutive month in which this number has been

declining. On the other hand, for some measures, quite large increases havve bbeen recorded, such as special measures (+136 persons over one year) or training measures (+107 persons over one year).

During June 2017, employers declared 2,883 vacancies at ADEM, which is equivalent to an increase of 9.0% compared to June 2016.

 bnl covers 600

The National Library of Luxembourg (BnL) has invited members of the public to discover 63 Luxembourg monographs which it has just digitised and made available online via the portal and the search engine; these 63 publications are in addition to some 450 Luxembourg monographs previously published online.

Among these new titles are 18 works on the period of the First World War such including Alphonse Foos "Das Erlebnis des Weltkrieges in der Luxemburgischen Dichtung" and the chronological description of Jean-Pierre Robert's 1914-1918 aerial bombardments, the work of the young Albert Wehrer "Pour l'Indépendance du Luxembourg" published in 1919, also "Alphabetical and analytical general table of contents contained in the Memorial of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1830-1870)" by the author Pierre Ruppert. The public can also discover the Rosenbüchlein published in 1912 by Charles Gemen, the most famous rose grower in Luxembourg, whose botanical works are now among the most sought after. The systematic digitisation of old monographs is one of the objectives of the BnL as part of its project to digitise Luxembourg's printed heritage.

Where can I find the digitised publications?

The Luxembourg publications digitised by the BnL are accessible via the portal under the heading "digitised books" and via the search engine

The portal allows the user to access the full text of the resources digitised by the BnL (such as printed newspapers, magazines, old postcards, posters, books and manuscripts).

The digitised contents of the portal are also accessible via the search engine designed to allow searches in all the collections of the BnL and the 77 libraries of the network

Why does the BnL digitise Luxembourg monographs and periodicals?

The National Library, in accordance with its statutory tasks, as set out in the Law of 25 June 2004 on the reorganisation of the State Cultural Institutes (Arts 9, 10 and 11), collects and retains all Luxembourg publications and is responsible for ensuring access to its collections, including remote consultation using the most modern data transmission technologies. Its programme for the mass digitisation of the national heritage is precisely in line with this objective and in the context of the objectives of the European Union to make the cultural and intellectual heritage of Europe available online. By digitising and publishing Luxembourg monographs and periodicals, the BnL is responding to a growing demand from the general public and scientific research increasingly interested in the methods of digital humanities. Mass digitisation makes the written national heritage more visible and easily accessible, while at the same time guaranteeing the optimum preservation of originals that are weakened by their age and/or frequent use.

Photos Copyright Bibliothèque nationale de Luxembourg

swimming team world championships flns 600 450

Currently, six swimmers from Luxembourg are in Budapest, Hungary, for the World Championships.

On Sunday, the second day of the World Championship, 21-year-old Pit Brandenburger set a new personal best (PB) in the 200m Freestyle in 1:51.14 minutes. From the start of the race, he set a high pace and stayed 1.2 seconds below his fastest time at the 100-metre mark. "The last 50 meters were very hard", he said after the race "a time under 1:51 was possible".
He finished in 51st place out of 73 starters.

On Monday, 19-year-old Monique Olivier competed in the 200m Freestyle. She started off strongly and turned 0.77 seconds faster than her best time (2:02.75) set in 2015 - at 100 metres. In the second half of the race, however, she lost important tenths and finished in a time of 2:03.26, as 31st among 52 competitors.

On Wednesday, Julien Henx (100 Freestyle) and Raphael Stacchiotti (200m) are taking part in the World Championships.

Space Resources Robot SR 600x337

Luxembourg's Ministry of Economy has confirmed that its Department of Space Affairs has been joined by the space team from Luxinnovation.

In charge since December 2013 of the space policy at a national and international level, the Ministry of the Economy is now joined by the 3 dedicated people of Luxinnovation to strengthen its service of space affairs.

In charge of the political and financial aspects of the collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA), the Ministry of Economy also takes over the space-related responsibilities of Luxinnovation, which was ESA's national contact point for Luxembourg to participate in the various ESA programmes, thus enabling them to position themselves in a sustainable manner in this market.

The pooling of the expertise of Luxinnovation's specialised resources and the team in charge of space affairs at the Ministry of Economy follows the development of the national space industry, notably due to the launch of the initiative and the high level of interest by foreign companies and investors. Further strengthening the governance of the sector, the integration of Luxinnovation staff within the Ministry of Economy also anticipates the creation of a future national space agency.

Since joining ESA in 2005, Luxembourg has put in place a strategy for the development of the space sector, which is one of the priorities for diversifying the national economy. At present, around 40 companies, including the satellite operator SES and 3 public organisations, are involved in the space sector in Luxembourg for an overall workforce of more than 700 people.

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The Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency (ALAD) has announced that, following the F91 Dudelange - CS Fola Esch championship match on 14 May 2017, the analysis of the urine sample by footballer Emmanuel Françoise resulted in a positive result due to the presence of terbutaline.

The specified substance is listed in Section S.3 Beta-2-Agonists of the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) list of banned substances and methods that are prohibited at all times.

This constitutes an anti-doping rule violation under Article 2.1 (presence of a Prohibited Substance, its metabolites or markers in a sample provided by an Athlete) of the Code of the Luxembourg Anti-Doping Agency. By letter dated 19 June 2017, ALAD applied to the Disciplinary Committee against Doping (CDD) to determine and decide on the alleged violation of the anti-doping rule committed by Emmanuel Françoise.

At the hearing scheduled for 6 July 2017, Emmanuel Françoise did not challenge the alleged facts.

By declaring the proceedings to be lawful and finding, on the basis of the circumstances of the case, that the player had not committed any material fault, the CDD pronounced the sanction of a reprimand without suspension.

The decision may be appealed to the Higher Disciplinary Council against Doping, which must be appealed within fourteen days.

Emmanuel Françoise, originally from Metz in France, played for CS Fola for 3 seasons and transferred to Progrès Niederkorn on 1 July; in the UEFA Europa League first qualifying round, he scored one of the two gols to sensationally knock Glasgow Rangers out of the competition. Seeès-niederkorn-sensationally-dump-glasgow-rangers-out-of-europe

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