The Police Grand-Ducale has reported that two cars were stolen this morning on 10 August 2017 from a garage on Hiel Street in Godbrange.

According to the Luxembourg police, two thieves thought to be involved in the incident are currently on the run.

Along with the two cars, the thieves took money and a tablet from the residence. The son of the family involved ran after the thieves and was able to find one of the cars, a Renault Clio, which had been abandoned in the same street.

The young man and his father later found the second vehicle, a black BMW X5, a near the village campsite.

Two people were standing by the vehicles and feld the scene upon seeing the son and his father. The thieves have been identified as a young man and a young woman.

Despite the efforts of the police, the two suspects have not yet been found.

Photo by Police Grand-Ducale