Luxembourg's Ministry of Agriculture, Viticulture and Consumer Protection, together with the Ministry of Health, has announced that the Luxembourg authorities have been informed via the Food Safety system of the European Commission that a cleaning company in the Belgian province of Namur suspected of having used contaminated eggs, has also been traced to doing some work on two Luxembourg farms.

According to the investigation, the Belgian company intervened once on 27 July in one of the farms and twice (16 January and 11 July) in the other. The company's service was limited to cleaning the empty barn. The company did not carry out disinfection in the stables; this disinfection was carried out subsequently by the operators themselves with different products. There is no evidence of use of the contaminated product on the Luxembourg farms. However, as a precautionary measure, egg samples were taken from both farms and the results of the analyses will be available on 17 August.

In addition, La Provençale informed the competent authorities in Luxembourg that it has received hard-boiled eggs from the Netherlands (ref. NL41110-21) classified List 3, i.e. consumable as a result of very low levels (0.0085 mg / kg).

In addition, Delhaize informed the authorities that they had received eggs from the farm ref: 0NL4128402, a Dutch operation added since yesterday on List 3 by the authorities of the Netherlands.

All eggs hve been removed from sale.