The Luxembourg Selection Committee of the National Support Fund for Audiovisual Production has made the decision to award a total amount of €5,161,992 to 13 audiovisual projects.

Following the meetings of 31 July, 1, 2 and 3 August 2017, the film fund selection committee granted selective financial aid for over €5 million to the following audiovisual projects. Selective financial assistance for writing and development for a total amount of €379,780 went to feature-length fictions Lizardqueen by Tullio Forgiarini and Läif a Séil by Frédéric Zeimet, transmedia fiction by Pit Vinandy and Esther Ngan, and The Brother of Santa Claus, a feature film by authors David Freedman and Fabrice Ziolkowski and author-director Sean McCormack.

The other selected projects included animation series The bottom of the jar (season 1) by Cyril Bossmann and Nächst Statioun Staffel also by Cyril Bossmann, Nicolas Robin and Hervé Benedetti.

Selective financial aid for production for a further total amount of €4,234,212 was awarded to feature length fiction Fan Club by Vincent Ravalec, animated feature Ooops! 2 by Richie Conroy and Mark Hodkinson, as well as the animated feature Apple Pie Lullaby by Liva Eglite and Cécile Sommers, and California City, a feature documentary by Fabrizio Maltese.

The final selective financial aid "Cineworld" worth €548,000 was divided beterrn the feature length fiction Flatland by Jenna Cato Bass and Son of a Very Important Man by Najwa Najjar, along with the feature film fiction Banovic Strahinja by Bojan Vuletic, Nicolas Ducray.

The Selection Committee analysed 25 projects for the total amount of aid requested of €15,272,519.