On 15 July 2017, Cactus revealed the winner of the 'Screaming Fields Song Contest amplified by Cactus’.

Young Luxembourg rapper MC Maz is the announced winner of the Screaming Fields Song Contest, in which 15 solo or group artists participated. In autumn, the 17-year-old artist will begin production of his song at the Rockhalstudio, the first phase of a complete Artist Package offered by Cactus and framed by the Rocklab.

In the spirit of supporting young talents, whether in entrepreneurship or in the field of culture, Cactus took the decision for the first time to support the 'Screaming Fields' festival organised by the Rocklab. The festival is primarily dedicated to the diffusion of music by emerging artists, with a programme of accompaniment and preparation oriented towards the stage.

The contest winner MC Maz impressed the jury with his interpretation, by means of well-defined rhymes and thought-evoking lyrics, of the challenges the future poses to young people.

By providing the prize of an “Artist Package” offered by the Rocklab, Cactus hopes to boost the career of this young, talented artist. In autumn, MC Maz will begin production of his song at the Rockhalstudio, followed by a video clip, before the song is finally broadcast on the country’s radio stations.

15 solo or group artists, between 12 and 25 years of age, took up the Song Contest challenge by composing a song entitled "Ech a meng Zukunft" (Me and my future). The jury, composed of partners, musicians and actors from the local scene, then had the task of determining the winner.