ATC Sports is organising an Hour of Power (HOP) Full-Body Workout event on Saturday 30 September and Sunday 1 October 2017, at their premises in Windhof (22 rue de l'industrie, L-8399 Windhof).

On both days those attending will experience the Hour of Power Masterclass - based on the incredible Fitness4x4 training system, Hour of Power is the original full-body cardio workout - guided by guru, Rajko Radovic.

Day 1 will end with a Dragan Challenge (no more clues given...); on Day 2, those attending will also be guided through the Hour of Power Masterclass followed by a the 100club challenge (no more clues given...).

The event starts at 16:00 on Saturday 30 September and at 11:00 on Sunday 1 October.
ATC Sports addresses fitness lifestyle: building Physical and Mental Strength is a pre-requisite for basic health and an enabler of a true "fitness lifestyle". It organises workshops, clinics and events on a wide variety of topics.

To reserve tickets, see or email Lauren Crisp at email: (max 20 per session).

For further details, see