With a view to promoting fun, fitness and well-being, the Sports Department of the City of Luxembourg offers its "Sports for All" program throughout the year, consisting of more than 150 weekly lessons Youth, adults and elders, living in the capital or another municipality.

The program mefor young people comprises more than 20 activities, including team sports (volleyball, foosball ...), individual sports (skateboarding, aikido, archery, zumba, break-dance, fitness, jogging ...) or courses of various sports activities called "multisports leisure". 

Adult courses are mainly focused on fitness (gym dance, fitness step ...), gymnastics (gym abdominals-back, gym relaxation, preventive gym, mid-gym, ladies gym, parent-child gym …), jogging (for all levels) and aquatic activities (aqua-gym, aqua-jogging, hydro …).

For seniors / active 55-plus, the programme includes some 40 sporting activities adapted to the rhythm of people aged 55 and over, such as the soft gym (standing and sitting), the aquatic gym, gentle strength training, stretching or dancing for seniors.

From Monday, April 24, 2017 the spring / summer term for "Sports for All” starts, with an expanded programme including indoor, outdoor and pool courses, enhanced by a variety of new outdoor activities, including beach volleyball, football and road cycling for young people, hiking, biking, cycling, golfing at the "Luxembourg Golf Centre" in Kockelscheuer, golf courses (initiation and improvement) at the "Golf and Country Club Christnach", taijiquan and qi gong for the adults, taijiquan, qi gong, cycling initiation, cycling tours and kayak tours for the elderly.

Flyers with the full programme are available at the Bierger-Center, the Town Hall, the City's sports facilities, the Sports Department and the City's website: www.vdl.lu/sportspourtous.  

Interested parties can request a registration form from the Sports Department on 5, Rue de l'Abattoir, Luxembourg, or telephone: 4796-4400, or download the form on the City's website: www.vdl.lu.