Pictet-Digital has organised an event dedicated to digital investment to take place of Thursday 27 April 2017 at Hotel Le Place d'Armes, Luxembourg, from 12:00.

The Pictet-Digital Fund, which invests in the "digital revolution", will host an event dedicated to presenting the benefits of innovation for investors.

New technologies, such as big data, e-health, self-driving cars and virtual currency, are offering increasing growth opportunities for investors. Almost all traditional economic sectors are being transformed into a digital and connected economy and with this digital shift comes a wave of new competitive players, such as Uber and Airbnb.

The Pictet-Digital Fund provides exposure to drivers of the tech industry for the coming years, including the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, blockchain, the sharing economy, social media and cloud computing.

This upcoming event features a presentation by Alexandre Mouthon, Senior Client Portfolio Manager within the Pictet-Digital investment team, who will explain how digital migration impacts industries and creates investment opportunities.

The presentation will be in English and will be followed by a walking lunch.

Registrations can be made via email: