AB-Lux Relocation Services blew out its 12 candles at the Cercle Münster on 25 July 2017, in the presence of "Woman of Heart 2017-2018" Luisella Moreschi, and her ambassadors.

For more than a decade, the company specialising in various relocation and real estate services has made a name for itself in the Grand Duchy in its field, and it celebrated its 12 year anniversary this July with its most faithful partners and clients

This 12th anniversary was marked by the management of collective intelligence, which is the human capacity to cooperate intellectually to create, innovate and invent, and CSR, two pillars of governance that are very important for AB-Lux Relocations Services, hence the creation of "Ambassadors of the Brand" and the "Woman of Heart" Award. The latter awards a prize worth €500 to a woman who invests and volunteers to allow others less fortunate to leave their situation of economic and/or social precariousness.

Consequently, Luisella Moreschi was rewarded for her support and economic and social development to the women and children victims of the Rwanda genocide.

The brand ambassadors are individuals who contribute to the success and sustainability of AB-Lux Relocation Services. There are currently 15 such ambassadors including Leopold Tamdem, Richard Maisse, Rosa and Hubert Huebsch, Réné and Raymond Gaasch, Stéphane Borzellino, and Jennifer Cunningham.