As mentioned last September, True Brew Trade Sàrl (TBT) was bringing Black Isle beer to Luxembourg in October; it has now announced that it is bringing another craft beer, Jubilee Beer, to Luxembourg, with a tasting at the Buvette at the Rotondes in Luxembourg-Bonnevoie on Wednesday 26 July.

It is now three years this July, since True Brew Trade Sàrl (TBT) opened its doors. On the occasion of its anniversary, TBT is inviting all beer fans to taste its special-limited edition jubilee beer, CRIMSON GLORY - a red ale, unfiltered and unpasteurised, made with red malt and top fermenting yeast (obergärige Hefe). It is brewed in proper Gusswerk tradition in Austria. The small batch red ale of 4.7% Alcohol by Volume (ABV), is a temporary offer to mark the occasion.

The craft beer scene in Luxembourg has come a long way since 2014. Beer takes second place in a culture where champagne may first come to mind when celebrating, or where relaxing means pouring a glass of wine. Especially in the wine-dominated gastronomy, wine is commonly seen as more chic, and sommeliers hardly dare boosting established standards of taste. When did anyone last hear a good ale suggested as alternative to wine, or Pilsner? This may partially be because of a Pilsner beer monoculture and a lack of awareness of the diverse range of ales available.

But the craft beer movement is steadily conquering people’s hearts, and taste buds, and sommeliers must now be keen to refresh their stock. Craft beer is perfectly suited to any event and matches almost any dish. The crisp taste of craft beer gives fans that special holiday feeling, at a lower footprint: Supporting independent organic breweries run by brewers who put quality first means buying from the organic farming sector whilst preserving our Environment.

As for now, TBT is one of the few local ambassadors of the craft beer movement opening people’s minds, and doors, to broader diversity of taste and origin of quality ales. Who knows, more beer aficionados will discover their favourite organic brew. Meanwhile, TBT is on the lookout for a bigger warehouse to happily meet the increasing demand.

So, is craft beer the new bubbly? You decide. After all, you are the kings and queens on the craft beer scene.

CRIMSON GLORY is brewed by TBT’s trusted partner-supplier Gusswerk, near Salzburg, Austria. Its founder, Reinhold Barta, is award-winner of the Gault&Millau “Braumeister des Jahres 2017” (brewer of the year 2017). As a limited edition, Crimson Glory will be sold on a first come, first served basis.