The issue of education in developing countries is a challenge that continues to face many societies. In particular, the education of girls is an issue that is receiving more attention.

93 million children worldwide do not have access to primary education. The direct link between access to education and access to the labour market and quality healthcare makes this high figure all the more surprising and shocking.

Spurred on by this, the ING Group decided to help to improve access to primary education in less developed countries. In a world-wide partnership with UNICEF, ING put an international development programme in place in 2005 to enable deprived children in India, Zambia, Brazil and Ethiopia to attend school; this is the ING Chances for Children programme. ING’s aim is for its global charitable programme to contribute to the physical and moral welfare of deprived children by giving them the chance to blossom.

Since the launch of the partnership with UNICEF, ING employees have been the cornerstone of the continued success of the programme, enthusiastically giving their valuable time and money. All financial contributions from ING's employees are doubled through the ING matching scheme. The Group’s staff around the world rallied round as soon as ING Chances for Children was launched. Thanks to their support, over 690,000 children have been able to attend a primary school since 2005.

Your donation could shape the future of deprived children. For example, a donation of €30 sends a child in a developing country to a primary school for an entire year - in India, Zambia, Brazil and Ethiopia. By giving them the chance to learn to read, write and count, you are giving them access to a job, a proper salary and good health. You can increase your contribution by multiples of this sum, depending on the number of children you want to support.

Donations can be made to account IBAN LU33 0141 5251 1420 0000 (account holder: Unicef Luxembourg). All donations to Unicef amounting to €120 or more can be deducted from your total annual income tax. In addition, ING Luxembourg Clients can support Unicef by using their Visa card. For each transaction in 2013 with an ING Luxembourg Visa card, ING Luxembourg will donate 1 cent to UNICEF (in 2011 and 2012 another organisation received a total of circa €56,000 from ING Luxembourg on behalf of its clients).

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Barbara Daroca: Automatic Savings Planning


It is always nice to have a little bit of money set aside, for a weekend trip or to cover some unforeseen costs. Or it could be towards a larger investment, for example towards buying a car, paying for education or putting down a deposit towards a property mortgage. By saving automatically you can put money aside with one simple standing order.

The challenge is to take the initial decision to start saving. Once you have a regular income you can set up a standing order with your bank and let them do the rest. You can sit back and see your money grow without noticing.

An automatic savings plan allows you to have money automatically moved to savings according to a set schedule. The outcome is that no effort is required to move the money to savings each month; it will be moved automatically for you once it is set up.

One way to use an automatic savings plan to reach a savings goal is to decide on the amount of money you need to save to reach your goal and the amount of time you need to reach that goal. Divide the amount of money needed by the number of months or weeks in the time you have to reach it. For example, if you want to save €500 in 5 months, you can set up an automatic savings plan of €100 per month or €50 twice a month. Because this money is removed automatically from your current account, there is less temptation to spend it and no need to remember to move the money to savings at the end of the month.

Different bank savings accounts operate different rules regarding how you can access your money; some stipulate at least a certain term while others have no such restrictions, and some allow you to access your savings whenever you like.

According to the ING International Survey 2013, pay packets are having to stretch even further for many people this year. Instead of wishing to save more, taking the decision and setting up a regular payment plan is crucial to achieving the goal of saving. While spending less can be beneficial to having more cash at your disposal, actually implementing a specific goal such as a savings plan will put this money to good use.

At ING Luxembourg, you can change the amount you save whenever you like, you can withdraw your savings at any time and you can choose to stop the standing order at any time too.

ING Luxembourg offers a number of different savings accounts: “Compte Vert” savings, Young Adults Savings Account, ING Orange Savings, Junior Savings (in EUR). But the real benefit of the ING Luxembourg savings plan service is that once you have an ING account created and online banking set up, you can use online tools yourself to manage your savings, without having to go into an ING Luxembourg agency to have it set up for you.

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